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Candy Train Ornament

Make ornaments or decorations using an assortment of candies. These can be hung on trees, tied to packages, or used as decorations on a table.

Young children will need supervision with the low temp hot glue gun, but it works a lot better than craft glue.

Parental supervision is recommended.

This project is rated EASY to do.

What You Need

  • Low temp hot glue gun
  • Ribbons or yarn for hanging
  • 1 roll of lifesavers (cylinder about 3 1/2 inches long)
  • 1 small package of gum (3" x 3/4" x 3/8")
  • 4 round wrapped candies (I used peppermints)
  • 1 Hershey's Kiss (this is by far the best shape I've found)
  • 1 large rectangular caramel like candy - I found a 3-color candy called "Sundaes" in the bins of assorted Brachs candy bins at my supermarket. You can also try using multiple starbursts or caramels, etc. It's about 1" x 1" x 3/4"
  • 1 mini chocolate bar (1 1/2" x 1" x 3/8") I got mine from Hershey's in a big bag
  • A creative imagination

How To Make It
  1. Glue the lifesavers roll to the gum package, letting the lifesaver roll stick over at both ends. Glue the peppermints to the lower sides for wheels.
  2. Push the Sundae/caramel onto the lifesaver body to make the cab of the engine, so that it will glue on better. Glue.
  3. Cut the paper off the top of the Hershey's Kiss, and flatten the point a bit by pushing it against the table. Put a good sized glob of hot glue on the tip, and then glue it to the lifesaver roll as shown.
  4. Glue the little chocolate bar on top of the cab for the roof.
You're done!

You can also substitute a rectangular candy package for the lifesavers - we found some called "Jolly Rancher" that worked, or glue a set of Starburst Candies together.

If you want to make some cars for the train, simply use rectangular candies in various combinations with 4 round wheels.
About finding the candies: Think shapes. Go to your local store and look for rectangles, circles, shiny wrappings, etc. I found small packages of gum in a large multipack of gum. You can also remove the gum sticks from the package and glue them together to create a 'small pack' sized set of gum.

I used wrapped peppermints and folded the extra cellophane around to the back and glued it down before gluing the candy to the project. And don't be afraid to combine several candies (like the small squares of Starburst candies) to make larger shapes. This is an exercise in creativity. Do not ask me where to buy a certain candy, or to mail you some. Find something that will work at your stores, these instructions are just to get you started! Experiment with your candies and try them different ways before you begin gluing, and most of all, have fun!

Created by Grace (Tig) Sylvan for Kids Domain.

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