About Tig

(Grace Sylvan)

Hello, I'm Tig, and I'm a multi-disciplinary designer. Games, websites, graphics, content - but really, I'm all about creating engaging experiences.

People don’t buy products, pixels, or features - they invest their time and money for an experience.

A great challenge in our world is to communicate and engage quickly - before the visitor clicks off to another webpage, video, or game. Reading long articles seems to be a thing of the past (are you still with me?).

Okay, so enough about me - let's talk about you. What kind of experiences could we create together that would change your life, your customer's lives, your vistor's lives? On thing is certain, the first step in creating those new experiences is for us to have a conversation. Drop me a line at grace.sylvan at gmail.com

You're still reading, perhaps you want to know more about me: I love the challenge of taking a long wordy website, document, or deck and transforming it into something engaging and easy to understand. Or a more extensive project of designing a game down to the last little detail, and then tuning it based on the player's response.

I have an extensive background, including UI design, art, production, community building, user support, and tech writing, I founded Kids Domain, and led the team to create the only independent site that was a top 10 site for families. In 8 years of game design, I’ve launched 12 games - taking them from original concept, to launch, to regularly scheduled updates once live. This includes Lil Green Patch, which was #1 on Facebook, and Lil Farm Life, top 20.

I enjoy big projects, like a game - and smaller ones, like presentations and illustrations. Each is an opportunity to create a special experience for people, and make you successful. My resume and email are on this page.

Contact Me
Drop me a line at
grace.sylvan at gmail.com
Here's a handy copy of my resume
I'm in San Jose, CA