Game Design

Game Design

I've launched over a dozen games, and worked on several others. Game Design is one of the most complex projects - it includes everything from the original concept to detailing all formulas and interactions, and project scheduling with the teams that bring it to life. And once it's live, there's tuning, new features, weekly updates, and community support.

Game Designers Architect Games

A Peek at What I Do

1. Design Overview

Outline the big picture : general theme, setting, characters, mood, art style, basic play and goals.

2. Drill Down

Game loops, economy, research, specific features for engagement, retention, virality and monetization.

3. Detailed Specs

Interface wireframes, text, levels, formulas, values, every item, graphic, and sound; detail all actions, step by step.

4. Coordinate

With the producer, art, engineering, design, QA, and support teams. Refine specs and schedule.

5. Produce

Write final text, approve artwork and sounds, preliminary testing, user testing, build levels, settings, graphics.

6. Grow Game

After Launch - monitor game, community feedback, make changes based on analytics. Design new features, content, and events.